Farolex Shipping & General Trade


- Agency of Bleijenberg B.V. Co. manufacturer of Grabs

Farolex is the exclusive sole agent in Egypt for sales and rental of all types of Grabs manufactured by Bleijenberg B.V. Company – The Netherlands.

Bleijenberg B.V. is a Lloyds register ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Assured Grab manufacturer and repairer. They're one of the world's major grab builders and manufacturers to any design and weight requirement and ready to meet any demands for larger and more specialized grabs.

Bleijenberg Grabs :

Grabs of all operation modes supplied:


Voltages and pressures to suit your requirements.


Single, double or multiple ram cylinders.


Single double or multiple line operation.


Single line supplied with touch-down or mid air opening facilities-hand tripped or remote control.

Grabs of all construction type supplied:

Clamshell – Cactus (Orange Peel) – Rock handling – Diaphragm Wall – Dredging – Digging – Block Clamps – Salvage – Specials. (Taylor made) Many variations of grabs supplied to suit all applications and commodities. All clamshell grabs can be supplied with fully enclosed shells to assist pollution control.

Normal manufacturing time for new grabs vary from 4 to 6 weeks for grabs up to 10m3 capacity and 8 to 12 weeks for grabs up to 50 cm3 capacity, larger grabs can also be supplied.



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